Summer League | Soccer in New Zealand

Summer League Games

All games last for 30 minutes and start and end whenever the hooter sounds. Also, a team can have up to 10 players in their squad; however, there should not be more than 5 players at a time in the pitch. Players should be at least 13 years old and older and the team can be comprised of male, female or can be mixed.

Subs are allowed, however, players are expected to enter at the halfway line. In the same breath, subs are not allowed to enter the field when the match is ongoing. Rather, they should wait until the outgoing player is completely off the field of play.

It is only the goalkeeper who is allowed in the goal area, and not any other player is allowed to run across this area or even enter it. Goalkeepers also are not permitted to play outside the goal area.

There should be no overhead throw-ins. Instead, the ball is returned to the field by only rolling it into the field of play.


A win earns a team 3 league points while a draw earns each team one point. In the event that teams have the same level of points, then their league standing is determined based on goal difference. If again that becomes level, then a team’s position is determined based on goals scored.

It is upon the team to advise the league organizer about their results. This means that if only one team reports their result, then it will be that result that will count. If no team records the result, then this becomes a draw, 0-0. If a team defaults, the result becomes 2-0 win to their rivals.

Team Colours

It’s the responsibility of the team to decide on their playing colours. In the event that there is a clash of colours, then one team puts on bibs.


Players should make use of the clubrooms as well as the changing facilities unless they are booked for private purposes.

The club has a licensed bar which serves both low alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and all drinks from outside are not allowed. Alcohol shouldn’t be taken outside clubrooms. The premises are 100% smoke-free. Also, pets are forbidden on the club grounds.


Cambridge Football Club strictly states that games should be played between 18:00hrs and 20:00hrs every Wednesday. If need be, the club might schedule some games for 8 pm.

The League Format

Teams are expected to play in groups depending on their stated level of desire to participate in the tournament. The club strives to match the games evenly. In any case, a team is mismatched; the organizers then are at liberty to move the team either to a lower or higher level.


Normally, the club does not provide the referees as this is left upon the players/teams to make the decision.