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Youth & Junior Soccer Programs in Cambridge Football Club

Cambridge Football club is a New Zealand football club that started many years back. Over the years, the club has continued to run various programs that suit players of every age. These programs are specifically tailored to fit the category of players they are meant for. For instance, there are programs for youth that are only applicable to the youth while junior soccer players have theirs. They ensure that players of all age experience age-appropriate football games and as coaching.

These grades too operate differently. For example, the first introduction to football is done in the 4th grade. Here, the learners develop fundamental physical skills in a fun, safe, and rewarding environment. The playing format here is 4x first kicks activities which are followed by small-sided games. Sessions run for about 45 minutes.

This program would be different from that one for the 8th grade to 13-grade level. To start with these players were born from 2011 to 2005. Sometimes; these teams may play at home or away every week depending on the published draw by Waikato/BOP Football Federation. The 7th and 8th grades normally play in a more localized cluster. The 9th grade and the older grades, on the other hand, may travel across the WaiBOP region following the draw.

The principles of the junior soccer program include accumulation of both the number of hours and touches, early engaging, recognizing the development age of a player, emphasizing on training period and insisting on age appropriate matches.

Cambridge FC junior soccer programs

The Youth Soccer program in Cambridge

The program for youth obviously is different from that of the juniors. At this stage, the club realizes that the players by now understand their purpose of playing soccer. Also, at this time, most players want to play professional soccer. Therefore, they undergo rather rigorous training sessions and take part in tournaments frequently. Training hours may be significantly increased too. In the end, the program is sure to churn out fully backed players who deliver promising results.

All in all, as provided in the club’s code and conduct, despite the grade and the level of a player, all players need to conduct themselves as per the set guidelines. For instance, the player is expected to play to win but do so fairly. Also, they are not supposed to argue with anyone or abuse an official verbally. They should observe the laws of the game when in the field of play. They are also expected to accept defeat with dignity and humility. Players are expected to conduct themselves in a manner likely to suggest that they are sportsmen, respect other players and coaches and other officials too. Cooperation is also of great importance, and the program allows the lays an appropriate environment for players to cooperate with their coaches and other officials as well as opponents.