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Fundraising opportunities for sport in New Zealand

New Zealand's sport fundraising opportunities

Fundraising for sports clubs calls for great efforts and endeavours from each and every member of the sports club. However, with the needed inspiration one can make fundraising more fun as well as engaging to everyone involved. Here are some ideas or opportunities for sports fundraising in New Zealand.

Hosting a Fundraising Event

Bolster your team's fund by holding a fundraising event. In this event, offer your visitors every sort of entertainment that deems fit to them. However, let the specific goal for the event be to raise money for the club or team. An example in New Zealand would be to host an annual Christmas or summer festival with food, drinks, or games to raise money. You could also hold exhibitions, bake sale, car wash services, raffle tickets, holding a party, or coach punishment. These have been known to work perfectly in NZ.

Fundraise on your club website

Today, most professional sport clubs in New Zealand have an online presence. The benefits of a website for your team cannot be understated. For instance, one of the benefits would be offering the club an opportunity to boost its streams of revenue. When you have a website, your fans can catch up on the latest news, fixtures, and results from the club. Have a high-quality club website that offers its fans the latest ongoing, as this will attract new members and keep the traffic flowing your way. High traffic websites are sellable assets to most sponsors who in turn want to showcase their business to people. As a club, you can get to your phone and sell space to such businesses/companies.

Player Auction

This can serve as a standalone event or even part of the fundraiser. Normally a club holds an auction where interested people can bid on the club’s team members. The proceeds, therefore, go to the good of the club while those players that have already been auctioned do various chores like lawn mowing, cleaning the garage or walking the dog. Sometimes, they may be auctioned off to go on a date or hired to give private lessons. The club in New Zealand can let people choose an adventure on their own or offer them a detailed list of available chores beforehand. This, however, doesn’t have to be an auction form.


Only a handful of clubs in New Zealand are able to grow from scratch without having a sponsor. A club has a number of assets that have the sponsorship potential. A good example would be the ground itself. You could pitch sideboards, match day programs or even clubhouse banners and promote businesses over the weekends. On the same breath, a club can sponsor members of its team, bring a match day or even a ball sponsor. Sponsorship goes as far as one is willing to take it.